About Us

Our company specializing in CarPlay or Android Auto and built-in head-unit interconnection solutions.

Since our company's establishment in 2013, we have been committed to the resource integration, research, development, and sales of in-vehicle interconnection smart boxes. Our products have provided practical, simple, and intelligent connectivity upgrade solutions for customers.

With the increasing importance of mobile phones, some people even use mobile phones while driving, which is undoubtedly a huge safety hazard. So in 2014, Apple launched the CarPlay system, and Google also brought Android Auto. CarPlay and Android Auto allow people to more safely enjoy the interaction with the car's infotainment system.

Since 2021, most vehicle manufacturers will gradually add CarPlay and Android Auto wireless connectivity to new vehicle models. This new technology solves a lot of annoyances for car owners, such as cluttered cables in the car and forgetting the phone in the car when getting out of the car. When the car has the wireless connection function of CarPlay and Android Auto, car owners can enjoy the safer driving experience brought by CarPlay and Android Auto without taking the mobile phone out of their pocket. However, due to the lack of a wireless connection module, a car with only a wired connection between CarPlay and Android Auto cannot realize the wireless connection between CarPlay and Android Auto through a simple software upgrade. To enable these car owners to enjoy a better driving experience brought by wireless CarPlay and Android Auto more conveniently and affordably, we have successively developed four plug-and-play smart boxes to solve the problem of wired-to-wireless connection, including AutoKit Box, Wireless Box, Wireless Box Plus and AI Box. With the update of the technology, each product has been updated several times, which brings a better driving experience for customers. Moreover, we also developed an external display screen - Smart CarPlay Screen for cars manufactured before 2016. It allows owners of cars without CarPlay and Android Auto to enjoy the safer driving experience of wireless CarPlay and Android Auto.

The shopping experience of users on our website is also a very important part of our company. We believe that the success of a company requires not only high-quality products but also good customer service. We hope that customers can contact our customer service department in time if they encounter any problems in the process of selecting products so that we can help customers solve problems and improve our shortcomings the first time.

The conversion from wired to wireless is one way we want to achieve a better in-car experience for our customers. The advancement of technology also promotes the optimization of our products. Our company aims to provide customers with better and smarter products, allowing customers to obtain a more convenient, richer, more efficient, and safer in-car experience at the most affordable price.

We welcome any individual or company interested in our products to contact us.

We are constantly innovating and creating to bring you the best products — CarPlay Smart Box.