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CarPlay Smart Box

Car Heads Up Display

Car Heads Up Display

Fully compatible with OBD+GPS dual system, suitable for any car

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Add Car Heads Up Display and Driving More Safety

Looking down at the speed of the dashboard is a habit of most drivers. Some data shows that it takes about 1-3 seconds to look down at the dashboard, and our perception of the road is non-existent during this short time, and accidents often occur at this time.

The core problem solved by the heads-up display is to reduce the risk of blind driving with the driver's head down. It projects the original car speed, RPM, time, etc. directly in front of the driver, so the driver no longer needs to look down to see and focus more on driving more safely.

  • CarPlay-Smart-Box-Car-Heads-Up-Display-icon-1

    Driving Speed

  • CarPlay-Smart-Box-Car-Heads-Up-Display-icon-2

    Driving Direction

  • CarPlay-Smart-Box-Car-Heads-Up-Display-icon-3

    Satellite Digital

  • CarPlay-Smart-Box-Car-Heads-Up-Display-icon-4

    Current Time

  • CarPlay-Smart-Box-Car-Heads-Up-Display-icon-5

    Error Alarm

  • CarPlay-Smart-Box-Car-Heads-Up-Display-icon-6

    Instant Voltage

  • CarPlay-Smart-Box-Car-Heads-Up-Display-icon-7

    Water Temperature

  • CarPlay-Smart-Box-Car-Heads-Up-Display-icon-8



OBD & GPS Dual System Applicable

This fully compatible dual-system heads-up display supports one-touch quick switching to provide relevant information and data from both OBD2 and GPS systems in a user-friendly manner. This may include information such as vehicle speed, engine RPM, fuel consumption, navigation instructions, etc.

In addition, the OBD system display is available for cars equipped with the OBD2 system and the GPS display is available for all cars.


Metal Nanotechnology & Clear Picture Display

The best heads-up display uses metallic nanotechnology to eliminate unwanted reflections, and the screen has vibrant colors, high clarity, no ghosting, and comfortable vision.

In addition, it uses a transparent optical reflective screen that does not obscure the driver's view and displays clearly during the day and night.


Display Diversified Information & More Peace of Driving

You can select the section of diverse content you want to display. The heads-up display calculates driving time, measures mileage, and water temperature alerts, and you can get a clear picture of your car's fuel situation to change bad driving habits and more.

Drivers can get the information they want without distraction, and the addition of a head-up display is essential from a driving safety perspective.


Digital Clock & Satellite Automatic Time

The head-up displays can be synchronized with the satellite system to automatically update and display the current time, ensuring accurate timekeeping.

In addition, no batteries need to be installed and there is zero risk of explosion, which does not pose any significant safety issues while driving.


Comfortable Ergonomic Design & Crafted With Care

This car heads up display has a comfortable ergonomic design, which does not affect the driver's vision when using it. The fan velvet cloth clears reflections, and the industrial-grade mirror display is clearer and more comfortable to use.

In addition, the external body uses an environmentally friendly rubber lacquer process, the car is very stable when moving, don't worry about slipping out.

Product Specifications



17cm *15cm *3cm





Working Voltage

11V-18Vdc (12Vdc/200mA), please use a USB cable when the voltage is higher than 24V

Applicable Model

All cars

Package Contains

Head up display X 1,User manual X 1,OBD cable X 1,GPS Cigarette line X 1,Non-slip mat X 1,Clean cloth X 1

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
vraiment tres pratique

tres pratique (surtout quand votre compteur de vitesse a rendu 'ame)

Zacherny Scaline
Works great for Me!

Saved me from a $600 speedo repair.
It's accurate as my Google Maps GPS. Heads up display. I mounted mine above the steering wheel with velcro. And it's has a very good volt meter to check battery performance in which I realized with it that my 8 year old truck battery was about to die.
Money well spent!

Victory Motele
Works well

Very pleased, works well and takes a while to set it up

Adam Brenda
Very, very good

I tried with ODB and GPS, both options are equally good. I have Ford S-Max and it's fully compatible with all options. I will connect it permanently soon as I'm happy after testing it. Definitely worth the money.