How We Make Your Car Smarter?

Connect to your phone via Bluetooth and the infotainment system on your phone will be displayed on the screen. You can navigate through the functions in the same way as you normally use the infotainment system.

CarPlay Is Now Wireless


Portable Carplay Screen Dashcam

✅ Car Stereo with Carplay & Android Auto

✅ 10.26 Inch IPS Touch Screen 4K

✅ Dual Lens Recording Split Display

✅ Built-in Speaker, AUX, FM Transmit

✅ TF Card Multimedia Entertainment Player

✅ Cross-Screen Synergy Share Phones Apps

✅ Siri Voice Control & ADAS Warning Systems

👉 159.99$ Buy Now >>

Best Portable Carplay Screen

✅ Wireless Carplay & Android Car Stereo

✅ Dual Lens Recording Split Display

✅ Built-in speaker, AUX, FM Transmit

✅ G-Shock Sensor & 24H Parking Monitoring

✅ Wireless Mirror Link & Multimedia Player

✅ Mobile App Interconnection & DVR Loop Recording

✅ GPS Navigation & ADAS Warning Systems

👉 189.99$ Buy Now >>

Wireless Carplay Mirror Dash Cam

✅ Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto

✅ Dual Recording Split Screen Display

✅ Mobile App Interconnection & Mirror Link

✅ G-Shock Sensor & 24H Parking Monitoring

✅ Loop Recording & Time-Lapse Video Recording

✅ Wireless FM + Wired AUX & Siri Voice Control

✅ Built-in GPS Module & Astern Auxiliary Line

👉189.99$ Buy Now >>

Screen for Motorcycle Carplay

✅ 5-inch high-definition IPS screen.

✅ Support Wireless CarPlay & Wireless Android Auto.

✅ One-click Wireless Projection: Say goodbye to phone stands.

✅ IPX7 Waterproof, sunscreen, and detachable anti-theft design.

✅ Seamless Interconnection: Automatically connect after the initial pairing.

👉229.00$ Buy Now >>

Enjoy Wire-free Smart Box

A2A Box

✅ Enjoy Android Auto Wireless

✅ Supper Chip for Faster Connection

✅ Bluetooth 5.2 & 5.8GHz+2.4GHz

✅ OTA Online Upgrade

✅High Compatibility Suitable for 98% of Car Models

👉 69.99$ Buy Now >>


✅ Support Connected-Wirelessly

✅ Apple Carplay & Android Auto Adapter

✅Voice Assistant Helps You Focus on Driving

✅ Plug and Play, Work out of the Box

👉 79.99$ Buy Now >>

Wireless-Box Plus

✅ Wireless 3 in 1 Adapter

✅ Keep Your Car Connected-Wirelessly

✅ Customized Boot Screen & Exclusive Start-Up

✅ Smart-Box for Your Android and Android Auto

👉 94.99$ Buy Now >>

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What They Say About Our Smart Box!

Based on 112 reviews
Wireless-Box Plus

Volkswagen Passat B8
Все чудово працює вже більше року. YouTube video placeholder
Great quality

Everything works properly! It looks good (quality is good).

They are very accommomodating

I highly recommd thid company for all your need

Easy to use and a good price

Gets the job done to diagnose your phone and communicate with your car. Paired with an iPhone way more powerful than anything you find at a car store.

Useful kit

Easy install, intuitive to use, like it!

Quality Service Quality Product

I ordered after watching a very positive review. The response like the delivery was fast and efficient. The device installed easily and delivers as described. Quality!


Nice item, works good. I recommend!

Excellent camera

I love this dash CAM! It is easy to install and install in my car. The monitor is very clear. I can see everything. The camera is small enough so that it doesn't block my view when I'm driving. Great camera, highly recommended!

Great product!

it's great! Fast communication, easy setup, and quick pairing. As far as functionality goes, it's prime.

3 Channel Dash Cam
Warpon Daney
One of the best cam I have experienced and is the perfect 3 channel cam

First of all, you get 3 cameras, all with fantastic video. I have hardwired mine using the free hardwire kit and also the GPS mount. It then switches to normal recording once I enter the car and turn it on. Installation was a breeze, taking less than 3 hours and that included the search for a constant power connection. I have tried other dash cams but this one is the most fantastic one I have ever seen I cannot think of a better deal. I thought I was going to have to find a mobile power bank to get Parking mode to work, but after I studied how it works, I realized that I do not need it and that my camera is working fine right out of the box. I give this product 5 stars for all these reasons.

"Triple the Vision: A Comprehensive Review of the 3-Channel Dash Cam"

I recently purchased a 3-channel dash cam for my vehicle, and it has completely transformed my driving experience. After using it for several months, I can confidently say that it's a must-have for any driver concerned about safety and security on the road.

First and foremost, the three-channel feature is fantastic. Having not one, but three cameras recording simultaneously provides a comprehensive view of everything happening around your vehicle. The front-facing camera captures the road ahead in crystal-clear detail, while the rear and interior cameras offer protection from all angles. This is especially valuable in case of accidents, road rage incidents, or vandalism, as it provides irrefutable evidence of what actually occurred.

The video quality is exceptional, even in low-light conditions. The high-resolution footage ensures that license plates, street signs, and faces are easily identifiable, which can be crucial in case of an accident or incident. The night vision capability of the dash cam is impressive, making it equally reliable during nighttime driving.

Another feature I love is the loop recording. I don't have to worry about running out of storage space because the oldest footage is automatically overwritten, ensuring that the dash cam is always ready to capture new events. It's incredibly convenient and hassle-free.

The included GPS feature is a great addition. It not only tracks your vehicle's speed and location but also allows you to review your driving route, which can be useful for both personal reference and insurance claims.

The installation was straightforward, and the dash cam's compact design doesn't obstruct my view or interfere with my rearview mirror.

Worked amazing

Did exactly what I needed. Reset my BCM instead of replacing it like the dealer wanted after my blinker stopped working saving me $600.

Working so far

Starts working with Volvo XC90 2011.
Let's see how long it lasts without any issues.


Good communications, quality product as specified.Very happy with them and will be doing business again. our thanks.


Works perfectly every time! It's perfect for navigating while driving!

As good as good I hoped

Purchased another brand and it stopped working within a couple of weeks, this one works just as described and has had no issues.

Perfect product

Really a lifesaver. It's a new life for my multimedia interface(VW Passat B7 2015)
I made a trip to 2000km away from home and it helped me a lot. I really recommend this product.

Nice upgrade!

I have the Stereo in my daily driver, had it for over a year, and like it. Upgraded to the newest version for my fun car. Seems it has been flawless so far. Happy with my purchase.

Great A8

This A8 CarPlay carbon is an excellent unit . It gets seamless connected to my iPhone . Native sound is ok . FM connection to existing handset is good too . Overall it a value for money set .

A2A Box
Stavros Tsagkalidis

Excellent product. I also made the upgrade and it works perfect. Thank you very much.

Does the thing

It works well, and was very easy to set up.

Great tool for monitoring engine and DTC with ios

This is a very handy tool to have if you're a DIY kind of person. Just plug it in, connect with an app, and you have access to several dynamic parameters and can view/clear DTCs. I have used this on a 2006 Toyota Tacoma, 2005 Toyota Highlander, 2012 Toyota Corolla, and a 2006 VW Jetta. It worked perfectly on all 4 cars. I even used it to read a DTC that was causing the CEL to illuminate and was able to promptly fix the problem and the code cleared on its own. The free app that is designed to be used with this tool will get the job done.

Good Product

The best costomer service.Quality of the preduce AAA.Thank you. Im going to work with them again for sure.Very responsible.

Great product

Use it in my 2010 Volvo XC60. Easy to install and use.Nice product! Great value for the money. Does exactly what it says, recommend it , always buy from these guys.

Does All and More…!

6-month update: I’m using this on my 2015 Ford Fiesta and it works flawlessly, I’d say it’s worth the purchase.Enabling me to entertain on those long drives.